Art for Asperger's

Growth through special attention to visual learning


Welcome to the Art for Asperger's web page. We are pleased to present our web endeavor and hope you will find it informative and entertaining. We are enthusiastic about the future for autistic and Asperger's Syndrome kids. Current research has yielded new understanding into the visual stimulus/response activities of the brain which in turn have garnered new tools for education. Artistic effort auguments the ability to focus and retain interest in a project to completion when systematically administered.

Art for Asperger's tried and proven curriculum offers interesting and valuable challenges to students. Including the basics of classic composition such as horizon, edges, perspective and vanishing point give the attendee a new skill set that can be used in all artistic endeavors. Three dimentional modeling is explored in the claymation class where technology and clay meet. With the inclusion of audio recording text overlays students produce short stop-motion movies all enjoy.

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